We are located in Historic Acworth, Georgia! aka..

"The Lake City".

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Skin is the largest organ in our body.


Healthy Skin is my priority!

Creating the most direct path to achieving successful results for my clients is my goal!!

"Good skincare  is  cumulative ...

all  the  more  reason  to  invest  now for  long ­term benefits"

Carol Mounts - Esthetician & Owner


Skin Revitalization like nothing you’ve seen before!


We’ve made some changes due to COVID-19


I know all of us are closely monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19 and I thought I’d give you a quick update on what I’ve been doing what new changes you will experience when you arrive.

First and foremost, until further notice, I'm asking anyone that has traveled on a plane, bus or train to not enter the shop and wait at least 14 days after they have traveled to enter.

In addition to my standard sanitation procedures, as part Whispering Waters Spa response to the outbreak of COVID-19, I have:


• Blocked more time in between appointment to provide, increased frequency of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection of high touch-point surfaces, and to avoid any overlapping of schedules. That being said. Please arrive at the scheduled time of your appointment. I will have the door locked until the spa is disinfected between appointments. If you are concerned you can call me once you arrive or text me from your car to make sure I’m finished disinfecting and preparing the room for you. This is optional and not required, it is totally up to you.

• Upon arrival I will be taking everyone’s temperature. I will be using a touch-less infrared thermometer. If you have a fever you will not be eligible for any services and will need to re-schedule.

• If you are ill, please cancel your appointment. I will not be charging cancellation fees for those who are ill. This is as much for my safety as well as all my clients.

• I will also ask a series of Coved 19 questions upon arrival.

• I will be wearing a PPE mask during all services, until otherwise noted. (You will not be required to wear a mask.)

• Cleaned and/or disinfected all surfaces and implements

• Laundered and/or disinfected all towels and linens

• Acquired new jackets to wear. I’ll be wearing a clean new jacket for each client.

• Acquired an Autoclave and new UV sanitizer.

• Acquired touchless soap and hand sanitizer dispensers.

• Discontinued the practice of hand shaking and other non-essential contact

• Trained myself on new essential infection control guidelines and hand hygiene practices

Please relax and enjoy your services!


If you’re looking for more ways to protect yourself and your loved ones, check out the CDC website.


Thank you so much for sticking with me. I look forward us supporting each other during these challenging times.



Carol Mounts